Celebrate Wedding

To celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, we are launching our new actual day wedding photography and videography packages together with Freshfromkenneth. You will be able to enjoy promotional rates if booking for this package is made before the 29th of February.

Do say hello to us at for more information. We would love to meet up with you to discuss your needs over a cup of coffee.

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#OneHourWithYou Valentine’s Promo

Can’t decide where to go for Valentine’s Day? We have come up with something special and meaningful just for you and your date. #OneHourWithYou

Why #OneHourWithYou?

We could go through the day easily by spending 20mins on snapchat, 30mins on Instagram or Pinterest.  Without noticing the time, 50mins would have passed by while we scroll through our friends’ newsfeed. If we could put aside going on social media for an hour, and spend that time with our loved ones, that will mean a lot to those who are dear to your heart.

On this Valentine’s Day, we look for the finest restaurant, think of the best surprise and put all we can to pull off something meaningful for our soulmate.  This is what we strive to do during that #onehourwithyou photoshoot. We want this day to be remembered as the most memorable one, and immortalise it through our sessions with the both of you.

Pixioo and FreshfromKenneth is offering a promotional package of 1hr photo shoot and videography during 13-15 February. It’s a great time to capture the sweet moments on this very special day with your partner. Plus we are also offering a bouquet for your lovely partner and to add on more colours to your shoot. There are limited slots available so do say hello to us at to enquire and book your slots!
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Intimate and Cosy at-home wedding | Jerrl & Xing Yi

An intimate and cosy home wedding is such a beautiful way to celebrate a wedding. What makes the wedding really special is spending the exciting day with your favourite people at your own home that’s well decorated by their family. Jerrl and Xing Yi’s at-home wedding was everything that they hoped it would be; cozy, unique and definitely heartfelt. Surrounded by their dearest, they shared vows they wrote together in the perfect intimate ceremony.

I think that every wedding is unique. Especially weddings in which moments are wrapped with the intimacy of those closest to the couple. Smiles, laughter and happy tears, there’s so many emotions going through today and we are really excited to capture it down. Heartfelt speeches from the couple to those closest is definitely need to included at the celebration, they tell the world a glimpse of who they are celebrating.

Congrats once again!

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Wedding Photography Packaging | Pixioo Photography


So today I will be sharing about our new packaging! I simply love the new packaging. After months of research on suppliers and ideas and also surfing on the web, I have finally  came out with a new packaging. I fell  in love with handcrafted stuff and the quality of print products. Every packaging consists of a wooden USB flash drive and some Fine Art Prints.

I used to deliver the photos through DVD. I used to think it was such an easy way to deliver images. I’ve been doing for over 2 years. But over time, it became very tedious. It took me quite some time to get ready and print my custom DVD label and get the rest of the packaging ready. More and more of my friends and clients are buying computers that do not have DVD drives. And I knew it was time to ditch the DVDs!

Inspired by Bloc Memoire & Thomas Tan Photography

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Falling in Love | Shane + Fiona


Bro You’re finally getting married! I was little caught by surprised and happy of course, when one of my buddy in Polytechnic asked me to be part of his amazing journey. It was such a wonderful privilege and pleasure for me to capture these moments through my lens. We have probably known each other for almost 7 years since we were only little young man that playing around and do some funny stuffs together in our school life. That’s so memorable and unforgettable.

Well that’s been quite sometime and now we are all moving to another stage of life. Really happy for you! Have lots of fun in your next journey of life. But whatever you do, remember to keep falling in love, and always with each other.

Congrats buddy (:

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